3 Reasons Philadelphia Eagles should deactivate Nelson Agholor

If Nelson Agholor never played another game again for the Philadelphia Eagles again, that would be a good thing. Philly needs to deactivate him for the rest of the season.
Five games remain in 2019’s regular season, and everyone is wondering whether or not teams will fire head coaches before said season ends. Philadelphia Eagles fans are somewhere between whether or not their team can make a run and whether or not their team is good enough to beat the suddenly-inspired Miami Dolphins. One thing everyone agrees on is Nelson Agholor‘s time in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ has run its course.
For the Inside The Iggles staff, this has been a long journey. We were the first to state the Eagles should move on, and that drew the ire of fans. We were correct. Agholor stunk it up in 2016 before having a great year in 2017 and regressing back to his former self, the one we’ve seen ever since. Honestly, if Nelson Agholor never played another game in Eagles green, the ITI staff would be fine with that.
Truthfully, at this point, that’s actually Philly’s best course of action. Here are three reasons to deactivate Nelson Agholor for the remainder of 2019’s season. Feel free to add any other reasons you deem viable.